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An absolute necessity for bluewater gamefishing a breakaway rig saves your gun from being dragged off into the never and leaves you with something to prod off the biteys.

The WildBlue Breakaway Rig has been designed to have your spear and mono shooting line attach directly to the end of your floatline. One end of the Breakaway bungee is attached to your shooting line and the other end simply slips over your spearguns line release.

The greatest advantage of using a proper break away kit, besides adding additional bungee breaking, is that the Breakaway Rig provides a strong and powerful connection between you and your prey so you can be confident of a successful catch. 
Once your shaft is fired it leaves the gun with you after your shot so that you may return to the surface for air and to play the fish from the surface using your rigging system including your long line bungee and float.


- Connects the spear line to your rigging line allowing the gun to be retained by the diver after firing.
- Bungee simply uses your guns existing line release so no extra parts or modifications are required.
- The attached loop hooks onto the line release and will only allow the bungee to deploy when the spear leaves the mechanism.
- Easy to install yourself.