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Comes in Bar. This mini unit is a fully-functioned submersible gauge rated to 350 bar, ideal for back up air supplies or decompression tanks.Gauge threads directly into most first stage High Pressure (HP) ports. High visibility luminious display...

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Protect your investment with this padded bag. Console Cover is padded for added protection and has a zippered closure to secure the computer inside.

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At Splash, we’re extra-precise when it comes to the engineering and manufacture of our dive computers and gauges.

We go to extremes to ensure these instruments are precision-crafted, rugged and reliable so you can go to extremes safely and with confidence.
All our instruments are covered by warranty and back-up service programmes.

We've got something for every budget, from the rugged and affordable Atlantis Icon SG1 gauge set-up to the world-leading Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer.

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