Our Price: $59.90

Easiest way to secure your shooting line. Use with copper crimps. 0.1mm-0.5mm, 0.5mm-1.0mm, 1.0mm -2.0mm and 2.2mm options.    

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Our Price: $119.90

The Epsealon E Visio 2 Mask is a low-volume mask with rotating buckles and a double flanged black hypoallergenic silicone skirt.Features:Medium Fit.Large field of view.Black hypoallergenic silicone...

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Our Price: $498.99

The shape of the all new Exium G2 Speargun ensures smooth tracking through the water.  The 'skeleton' framework allows water that would usually have to be pushed out of the way to pass...

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Epsealon Labrax 3mm Harness Vest

Our Price: $79.89

These neoprene weight harnesses are designed to evenly distribute your lead weight over your body.  Loading up your belt can give you a sore lower back after hours in the water and imbalanced in...

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Epsealon Labrax 5mm Wetsuit

Our Price: $399.98

The original Esclapez Labrax is now even better, the camo pattern has been improved with a new 'murkier' colour scheme. Made from the best 5mm Yamamoto neoprene - super soft and comfy.* Made entirely...

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Epsealon Magnum Fins

Our Price: $199.98

The all new Epsealon Magnum footpocket is constructed of two materials of different hardness for maximum performance and comfort and features a new improved fit.The removeable blade is very soft and...

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Our Price: $49.90

Every diver needs a tub of Polyglut.  It is a top quality neoprene glue suitable for all wetsuit repairs but the added butanol makes it suitable for seam sealing as well.Simply use a brush to...

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Epsealon Scorpion 5mm Wetsuit

Our Price: $399.98

Made from 5mm Yamamoto neoprene making for a much warmer and comfortable suit. Red camo pattern.   * New camo pattern* Pre-formed arms and legs* SCS seals on the face, wrist and ankles (Super...

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Epsealon Vega Fins

Our Price: $159.98

The Vega fin has been designed for the intermediate - experienced free-diver with the following features in mind:Comfort for no pain after several hours of use in the water.Excellent efficiency for...

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