When buying your dive gear the regulator is possibly the single most important piece of equipment you will ever purchase! This is your 'life line' providing a constant flow of air supply from your cylinder to you...the diver.

Breathing performance, reliability and on-going warranty and back-up service are key points that should figure prominently in your decision making process. Making the right choice now will ensure your diving experiences are pleasurable and worry free, for many years to come.

Your regulator selection will be determined by many factors, such as breathing performance, reliability, budget, adjustability, balanced vs unbalanced, piston vs diaphragm, environmental sealing, cosmetics and of course on-going warranty service and back up.

We at Splash are very aware of all these personal factors that a diver must consider and this is why we offer such a diverse range of regulators from the very affordable and reliable Atlantis Quest R10 to the technically advanced Sherwood SR2