RRP: $1,499.50
Our Price: $1,199.00
(You save $300.50)

Features include:  Removable 2nd stage for easy cleaning and storage (cannot be used w/o mask). Made of a one-piece, pliable silicone skirt combined with injection-molded, high-impact, glass-filled nylon frame and regulator housing. Double face...

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RRP: $898.50
Our Price: $699.00
(You save $199.50)

Sherwood's next step from the SR1 delivers excellent breathing performance in the most demanding conditions. The SR2 Regulator continues the legacy the SR1 created. It packs advanced technology into a compact case, employing contemporary-styling and...

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RRP: $798.50
Our Price: $450.00
(You save $348.50)

For high performance reliability the MX100 Regulator from SEAC excels in its rugged simplicity. The second stage features all-new balanced mechanics, including a demand lever with reduced friction, making breathing more fluid and linear. A single control...

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RRP: $598.50
Our Price: $399.00
(You save $199.50)

Balanced Piston. Sherwood's biggest selling regulator worldwide. Totally redesigned to provide outstanding breathing performance, the Brut maintains rugged reliability combined with ease of maintenance. The Brut has been the overwhelming favorite...

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RRP: $698.50
Our Price: $399.00
(You save $299.50)

Innovation at its best is the way to explain the function of the Genesis regulator. The first stage incorporates Genesis Dry Air Demand (DAD). This simple yet unique design has a flow-by piston that mechanically balances the air of the first stage...

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RRP: $399.00
Our Price: $299.00
(You save $100.00)

Balanced Piston. Best value regulator on the market! This is an extremely robust, reliable and affordable regulator. We are the manufacturers and will always be able to efficiently service every component.1st Stage: Balanced "flow-through" piston...

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RRP: $450.00
Our Price: $299.00
(You save $151.00)

The Atlantis R60 is the first choice for advanced and technical divers. The balanced diaphragm first stage delivers a consistent high volume of air at any depth and at any tank pressure.The second stage can be adjusted by the diver to provide the...

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RRP: $498.50
Our Price: $275.00
(You save $223.50)

High reliability, safety, sturdiness, durability, and simplicity make P-Synchro the ideal regulator for the intense activities of dive boats, schools and diving centers. Tests conducted by RINA, the Italian certification board, confirmed excellent...

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Atlantis Icon R1 Diving Regulator

RRP: $299.00
Our Price: $199.00
(You save $100.00)

Piston design. Ideal entry level regulator. Proven design - Proven as a tough and reliable Hire/Resort regulator which is ideal for the recreational diver.1st Stage: Unbalanced piston 135-145 PSI output. Maximum working pressure 3500 PSI (232...

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RRP: $49.00
Our Price: $39.00
(You save $10.00)

The AKONA Pro Regulator Bag is made of Rugged-600-D (denier) Poly/Natural Fiber Blends with Polyurethane (PU) Interior Coating that is Incredibly Durable, Water and Stain Resistant. The Spacious Interior holds a First and Second Stage Regulator, an...

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500 PSI Silicone Spray

RRP: $25.00
Our Price: $15.00
(You save $10.00)

This food grade product works great for protecting all rubber parts and both in and out of the water. Excellent for use on hoses, regulators, spearguns, masks, fins, snorkel, rubber sling etc.

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When buying your dive gear the regulator is possibly the single most important piece of equipment you will ever purchase! This is your 'life line' providing a constant flow of air supply from your cylinder to you...the diver.

Breathing performance, reliability and on-going warranty and back-up service are key points that should figure prominently in your decision making process. Making the right choice now will ensure your diving experiences are pleasurable and worry free, for many years to come.

Your regulator selection will be determined by many factors, such as breathing performance, reliability, budget, adjustability, balanced vs unbalanced, piston vs diaphragm, environmental sealing, cosmetics and of course on-going warranty service and back up.

We at Splash are very aware of all these personal factors that a diver must consider and this is why we offer such a diverse range of regulators from the very affordable and reliable Atlantis Quest R10 to the technically advanced Sherwood SR2