Spearfishing is an exciting growth area in diving. There are many different aspects to the sport but they all involve holding your breath and descending underwater without breathing equipment

Spearfishing is the most popular form of free diving in the South Pacific. Spearos use freediving equipment and techniques to get into the water column and selectively hunt coastal and pelagic fish. Eating fresh fish is often reward enough but being out in the water with the 1000’s of km’s of beautiful coastline is more than enough. Free dive fins operate as extensions of the freedivers legs. Freediving fins are generally much longer and stiffer then snorkelling and scuba diving fins in order to move water with greater efficiency. Freediving fins are made of polymer (plastic), Glass fiber or Carbon fiber.

Atlantis makes exceptional value-for-money spearfishing products under a brand called “Vertex” including wetsuits and a range of accessories.

We wish you well in your diving adventures and ask that you use the ocean safely and sustainably.