Aimrite Vermillion 5mm suit

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The Aimrite Vermilion 3.0 is made from NeoPro 100% CR (equivalent to Yamamoto #39 Neoprene)

The Ultra Stretch Lycra™ Lamination makes it durable on the exterior whilst the Titanium Lining which retains warmth within the suit requires no lubricant and creates a stronger interior than any other suit on the market.

· The elbows, knees, chestpad and seat area have abrasion resistant Polyurethane.

· Unisex Sizing External Features of the Jacket:

· Zipless Hooded jacket

· Built-in hood, designed for optimal breathing comfort, and neck movement

· Face seal in natural smoothskin prevents water from coming in

· Built-in 7mm cushioned and slip-free speargun chestpad

· Each cross seams on the suit exterior is reinforced with a Glue Dot

· Zipless farmer john style trousers