Pole Spears

Evolve Transformer Carbon

Our Price: $349.00

Looking for the best carbon polespear money can buy? Then an evolve CT series is what you have been waiting for. Using only the latest aerospace carbon rod, T700 carbon tubing and 7075 aluminium fittings, there is nothing else like it. The first of the...

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Evolve Aftershock Pole Spear

RRP: $279.00
Our Price: $209.00
(You save $70.00)

Evolve and Splash are stoked to bring you the AfterShock patent pending technology giving you a 2ND CHANCE to further penetrate your prongs, barbs, floppers or slip tips deeper through your prey!  Skillfully machined using...

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RRP: $129.00
Our Price: $79.00
(You save $50.00)

If you looking to hunt a larger variety of fish species then the Vertex PS2 Professional is the solution for you. This modular system comes with two heads and two fibreglass poles which allows you various specific hunting settings.The Vertex PS2...

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RRP: $75.00
Our Price: $49.00
(You save $26.00)

Highly successful entry-level polespear made from high grade fibreglass and 304 heat treated stainless steel.Available only in white.180cm long.

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