Floats & Lines


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Breaking strain over 250kg! Made from UV stable PVC tubing with an outside diameter of 9mm and an inner cord of 4mm dyneema winch rope these bungees will stretch by more than 20% of their original length.They are air filled which makes them very buoyant...

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RRP: $59.00
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Fix your floatline to the bottom with this stainless steel plated Sand Anchor from Atlantis.Heavy duty "screw-in" design makes the anchor easy to set into the sand and also easy to remove at the end of your dive.Measures 74cm long

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RRP: $29.00
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An absolute necessity for bluewater gamefishing a breakaway rig saves your gun from being dragged off into the never and leaves you with something to prod off the biteys.The WildBlue Breakaway Rig has been designed to have your spear and mono shooting...

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RRP: $25.00
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A simple but effective piece of kit that can keep your float line under control. 380mm long - durable plastic. Currently only available in black.

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RRP: $15.00
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6 monofilament nooses so you can tow your crays along on your float without needing a catchbag.

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Fish Threader

RRP: $15.00
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Essential link forged from 319 marine grade stainless steel. Attaches between gun and float line – threads fish onto floatline.

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Float line can make or break your dive so it is important to only use a float line that is suited to the diving you are doing. We offer different types and lengths of float lines depending on your needs. If you need something the does not tangle, we recommend Bungee Float Line.

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