Fins, Blades and Pockets

Seac Motus Fibrex Fins

RRP: $499.00
Our Price: $399.00
(You save $100.00)

The SEAC Motus Fibrex Freediving Scuba Fins are composed of an innovative fiberglass compound with high performance characteristics. These interchangeable blades come mounted in the SEAC foot pocket. The foot pocket is composed of 2...

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Epsealon Magnum Fins

RRP: $249.00
Our Price: $149.00
(You save $100.00)

The all new Epsealon Magnum footpocket is constructed of two materials of different hardness for maximum performance and comfort and features a new improved fit.The removeable blade is very soft and responsive offering performance usually only seen in...

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Epsealon Vega Fins

RRP: $159.00
Our Price: $99.00
(You save $60.00)

The Vega fin has been designed for the intermediate - experienced free-diver with the following features in mind:Comfort for no pain after several hours of use in the water.Excellent efficiency for penetration into the water, efficient fining increasing...

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Good fins should provide you with enough propulsion and thrust to easily handle the type of diving you want to do. 

Importantly be aware of the ocean current conditions you are entering into and agree on a 'plan' with all concerned, then dive to that plan!

When selecting fins, the foot pocket comfort, blade reliability and ease of use should be prominent in your thinking. We recommend the superior performance of Epsealon Magnum Fins for advanced freedivers.

Thanks for taking the time to view our selection of Spearfishing & Freediving Fins.