Atlantis Vertex W50 5mm Wetsuit

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This freediving suit is designed to give maximum comfort and protection while allowing resistance-free movement.

Smooth skin hood, wrist and ankles seals for extra protection and durability.
• Unique pre-formed cut including ‘Raglan’ shoulder pattern design.
• Twin locking buttons with Lyrca ‘BTN’ neoprene on the beaver tail.
• Open-cell neoprene inner / polyester camo jersey outer.
• Durable stitching with anti-fraying protection points.
• Wide loading pad moulded with non-slide rubber.
• Supratex DBS knee and seat pads.

Open-cell neoprene suits must be lubricated before putting them on.  Squirt the inside of the suit with soapy water such as body-soap or dish-washing liquid.  Shake the suit up to ensure the liquid is dispersed throughout and then slide it on. If you find the suit does not go on easily, keep squirting soapy water inside the suit until it does. Be extra careful with your finger nails when sliding the suit on as these can snag on the inside of the neoprene creating tears. Most tears can be repaired by using a good quality neoprene glue. Rinse your suit inside and out with fresh water and store dry, ready for your next underwater adventure.

Any tears can generally be repaired by using a good quality neoprene glue (see below).

The size chart below is only a guide. These suits are super-stretchy and almost every body shape will fit into one or two sizes. The correct size should be close fitting everywhere, should keep water out but allow free movement.


Height 157-168 165-174 170-180 173-183 180-188 183-190 183-190
Weight 55-65 60-72 68-80 75-95 95-110 105-120 115-130

Yes we can mix and match sizes! Please contact us if you require a mixed size wetsuit or half a suit.