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Sherwood's next step from the SR1 delivers excellent breathing performance in the most demanding conditions.

The SR2 Regulator continues the legacy the SR1 created. It packs advanced technology into a compact case, employing contemporary-styling and utilizing a multitude of cutting edge materials to bring to you a superior high-performance regulator system. Superior breathing performance the SR2 is more technically advanced and more attractive than its predecessor. The SR2's first stage is one of the only truly balanced first stages on the market today. Most balanced piston regulators come close, but never actually become truly pneumatically balanced. They attempt to, by creating a very sharp knife edge piston sealing surface that cuts into the first stage seat. This cutting of the seat deteriorates the seat rapidly lowering regulator performance over time. 

Sherwood addressed this problem and eliminated it! By making a two-piece first stage piston they were able to increase the seating surface sealing diameter without using a knife edge sealing surface. Not only were they able to eliminate the excessive wear associated with knife edge pistons, they were able to create the first truly pneumatically balanced flow-thru-piston first stage regulator. This piston design provides high-flow capacity and rapid response to second stage demand as never experienced in the past. 

Piston regulators inherently allow water to enter the main spring cavity to properly-adjust themselves to the ambient (surrounding) water pressure. This design also allows contaminants found in water to also enter. Sand, salt, silt, and chlorine can rapidly deteriorate first stage performance. Most piston regulators eliminate this problem with packing the main-spring cavity with thick messy grease. The grease transmit's the pressure changes to the mechanism and in theory, keeps the mechanism cleaner. The grease has some drawbacks such as it can leak-out the holes in the first stage body and it also acts as a fly-trap" allowing contaminants to stick to it. 

Sherwood also addresses this problem. By creating a sealed dry spring chamber that prevents water and contaminants from entering the regulator interior, Sherwood was able to keep the intricate internal components free of contamination from ambient deposits of minerals and Increase Performance of the regulator system. The SR2 first stage has 5-low pressure (LP) ports on a 360° swivel and 2-high pressure (HP) ports for optimal hose routing. The first stage regulator is manufactured from marine grade chrome plated brass and is Nitrox ready up to 40% out of the box.

The SR2 utilizes a pneumatically balanced second stage. The second stage contains a SMART demand lever and floating crown which reacts to depressurization and relieves the load on the seat, extending seat life while promoting consistent performance. Importantly, the second stage employs a unique single adjustment point to simultaneously set opening effort and high flow performance with one-motion; the need to make separate adjustments, therefore, has been eliminated. 

The size of the SR2 control knob has also been optimized to enable easy location and operation, even for a diver wearing gloves. The SR2 second stage has an ergonomic shape and size and is weightless in the water for maximum comfort. Regulator comes equipped with a 3/8" threaded 78.75cm low-pressure hose, owner's manual and is covered by a 24-month warranty.

Sherwood SR2 Features:

  • Contemporary-styling and utilizing a multitude of cutting edge materials
  • Superior high-performance regulator system
  • Superior breathing performance
  • Only truly balanced first stage on the market
  • NITROX compatible to 40% out of the box
  • 3/8" threaded, 78.75cm low-pressure hose
  • 2-year warranty

First Stage:

  • Truly pneumatically-balanced design: Unique two-piece flow-thru-piston 
  • Sealed Dry Spring Chamber (SDSC): 
  • 5 low pressure (LP) ports on a 360° swivel
  • 2 high pressure (HP) ports
  • Marine-grade chrome plated brass

Second Stage:

  • Pneumatically balanced second stage
  • SMART demand lever and floating crown: Relieves the load on the seat. Extends seat’s life while in storage 
  • Improved flexible purge cover
  • Single-adjustment point
  • Control knob optimized to enable easy location and operation
  • Ergonomic shape and size
  • Weightless in water for maximum comfort