Evolve Pole Spear Accessories

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All the accessories you need for your Evolve Pole Spear.


Evo Slip Tip
A truly evolved slip tip, Evolve uses aerospace heat treated 17-4 stainless steel for all parts - the tip, injector rod and the cable. The diamond cut hex-tip is streamlined with 3 slicing grooves allowing easy penetration without tearing the flesh. Injector rod screws into hard-anodized aerospace aluminum fittings and locks in with a hex-screw. Heavy duty stainless steel cable rated to 430 lbs. Also available with Dyneema (rated to 320 lbs) instead of cable.

Evo Flopper

Aerospace heat treated 17-4 stainless steel is extremely durable and rust/corrosion resistant. 7mm (9/32”) diameter shaft has a diamond hex-cut tip to easily penetrate your prey with minimum tearing of the flesh. Injector rod screws into EVO hard-anodized aerospace aluminum fittings and locks in with a hex-screw.

3 Prong Heads

• Made using the highest quality metals. Choose between 17-4 heat treated stainless steel or heat-tempered carbon steel prongs.
• Sure-Hit tips are sharpened and angled in. This allows tips to automatically open and grip during impact and penetration.
• Barbless prongs allow easy removal of prey without tearing flesh.
• Prongs are individually secured into pre-molded fittings and then glued using marine grade epoxy to further strengthen.
• Aerospace aluminum fittings are hard anodized with 3/8” female connector.
• HD version comes with 13” prongs versus regular version 12” prongs.

Shrink Grips

Fits 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” poles. Long sections allow you to customize lengths for multiple use. Cut
in half to use 2 times for longer polespears, or cut into smaller hand width sections to use up to 5 pieces. Requires high heat to shrink properly, please make sure grips are shrunk on tightly to avoid slippage. Colors: red or black.

Transformer Tails

Transforms CT polespears into different lengths.
Small tails convert all CT carbon 3/8” x 2” shafts into 3’ polespears. Large tails converts CT7, CT8 into 3’ and 5’ polespears, and CT9 into 4’ and 6’ polespears. Made using aerospace hard anodized aluminum with 3/8” male threads.