Atlantis Quest F10 Fins

Our Price: $139.90

Heavy duty thermoplastic rubber construction fins for great power and durability.Featuring the classic tested and proven vented design that decreases drag on the up stroke and enhances thrust on the down stroke, the Atlantis F10 delivers just the right...

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Our Price: $53.90

Ease of use and an easy yet powerful kick cycle are combined in this deceptively simple and tough fin. Features include: Unique blade design channels water efficiently. Streamlined blade incorporates integrated foot pocket for smooth powerful finning...

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Atlantis Roam Fins

Our Price: $31.90

The roam snorkelling fin is a lightweight open heel fin with an adjustable strap. The quick release buckles make them easy get out of which is perfect for kids.   Each size is a different colour: S/M Youth - Green L/XL Youth - Blue S/M - Yellow L/XL...

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Atlantis Spree F40 Fins

Our Price: $31.90

Lightweight thermoplastic blades and rubber foot pockets make for a user-friendly snorkelling fin. Each size has a different vibrant colour blade.Here's another way to find your correct fin size:1. Measure your longest foot from big toe to heel.2...

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Good fins should provide you with enough propulsion and thrust to easily handle the type of diving conditions you encounter.  For example a technical diver who is regularly diving in cave and/or wreck conditions, would ideally be looking for fins that reduce turbulence and 'silt-up'. 

Importantly be aware of the ocean current conditions you are entering into and agree on a 'dive plan' with all concerned and dive to that plan!

Fin comfort, fit and ease of use should also be prominent in your thinking. 

We at Splash are very aware of all these factors and this is why we offer such an extensive range of fins depending on your needs. We also offer specialised snorkeling fins and freedive fins.

Thanks for taking the time to view our selection of Diving Fins.