Atlantis Eco Gear Wash - 20L

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One wash and you will be amazed.  Makes your gear smell like new!Features include: Handy 5 Litre or 20 Litre pack. Made in NZ from Eco friendly ingredients which are easily broken down by natural processes. Washes away odours, salt, dirt and grime...

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Apneaapnoea, or apnœa is a term for suspension of external breathing.

Free diving is huge growth area in water sports, the change of mind vs body is what excites many of the top athletes. With multiply training clubs available and disciplines in the pool and open water in resent years has increased the profile of free diving. One brand that has been leading the way in free diving products and technology is Salvimar.

Salvimar has an exceptional reputation in this area with their Fluyd range. The Italian based factory has specialised in spearfishing and free diving and is one of the best respected manufactures and innovators of equipment world wide.

Salvimar makes a promise to its customers that it will use the best materials combined with the experienced engineers and technicians on site to continually make the best products and evolve as a global brand and company.

Splash has the best divers as their Fluyd ambassadors, check them out here.