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Atlantis Tank Sling

Our Price: $59.90

The Atlantis Tech Tank sling comes with everything a diver needs to carry that deco or redundant gas supply on their technical dives.Made with high strength 1-inch nylon webbing that forms the main carrying strap providing breaking and splitting...

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Tank Holder System

Our Price: $20.90

Build your own personalised cylinder holder.  Rail: These anodized white powder-coated aluminum tracks can be mounted to any surface from boat transoms to truck beds. It can be cut to any size desired to fit every area. Track holds our speargun...

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Our Price: $39.00

Comes in Bar. This mini unit is a fully-functioned submersible gauge rated to 350 bar, ideal for back up air supplies or decompression tanks.Gauge threads directly into most first stage High Pressure (HP) ports. High visibility luminious display...

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